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Tour Options to Visit Kornati

The Kornati archipelago in Croatia is a marine paradise with 89 islands, rocks, and reefs along a 238-kilometer stretch of coast. Kornati islands are undoubtedly one of the most distinctive locations in the Adriatic, with steep cliffs, uneven ground, and sinkholes typical for karstic terrain.  Head to Croatia, Europe’s sunniest coast, for ideal sailing conditions, brilliant seas, and a variety of natural resorts.

Tour Options to Visit Kornati

Rent a boat to cruise around Kornati Islands – the largest and densest archipelago in the Mediterranean. The Kornati archipelago, located off the southern Adriatic coast, is a marine treasure with 89 islands, rocks, and reefs along a 238-kilometer stretch of coast.  However, the precise number of islands varies depending on different sources. It’s probably best to trust the locals who say their count matches the number of days in a year.

Here are the best options to visit this amazing national park in Croatia.

  1. Charter a boat with a skipper.
  2. Rent a bareboat. Instead of the two to three hours, it takes on the bigger tour boats, you’ll be there in 45 minutes.
  3. Book a one-day private trip. Every Kornati Islands Private Tour is custom-made to fit your family or group of friends’ needs.
  4. Take a ferry ride. Spend a few days on Long Island and visit the Kornati islands from there.

Reach the Kornati from Zadar

The Kornati Archipelago is 7 nautical miles from Murter island, the park’s headquarters, and 15 nautical miles from Zadar and Šibenik.You may rent a boat in Zadar and create your own itinerary by choosing from among the many departure ports. We offer a one-of-a-kind, personal boat adventure. Your trip aboard our vessel is certain to be memorable and enjoyable!

Private Tour to Kornati National Park

When you rent a bareboat or charter a boat with a skipper, you may go at your own pace and make swim stops as desired. However, before you can moor at one of the park’s sixteen anchorages and stay for the night, you’ll need entrance tickets and permits for mooring and overnight stay in the park. The islands are mostly uninhabited and some areas are highly protected. If you’re looking for more than just a relaxing week on a boat around the Kornati islands, we can arrange plenty of additional equipment. Kornati national park’s varied terrain allows for lots of sport activity possibilities, including kayaking, trekking, and mountain biking. However, it is totally forbidden to undertake individual scuba diving (which is not part of the organized and authorized groups!).

Kornati Islands Sailing Zones of Strict Protection

Sailing is permitted throughout the Kornati National Park, except in the four zones of strict protection, which include areas surrounding Purara islet, Klint and Volić reefs, Mrtenjak islet, Kolobučar islet, and Small Obručan and Great Obručan islands. At these areas of high security, no visitors are allowed.

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